Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard of 2003 .. NEMO !

Nemo came with big fanfare. It started snowing, in the evening, and it snowed and snowed and snowed. 

The Marina Crew was up all night plowing the gangways while we shamelessly enjoyed the hot pool. Next day, the dinghy was totally covered, and it was still snowing.

We spent pretty much most of the storm in each others boats having potluck parties. E, who is pregnant, very very pregnant, decided that she needed exercise. So what better exercise than go out and showel the cars out !

So, she put the group to work, and within an hour all our cars were showeled out. I did not even realize it until L came over and asked me for the car keys so they could drive the cars out.
A lot of snow, but it is free !!!
So I joined the group, When they started up, only the windshield wipers were visible.
Next day, I shoveled out the Dinghy and took her out into the harbor, I took some pictures of the boats, and a view of the Marina. It was actually a beautiful sunny day.
Leave it to the dog to find the one sunny spot in the boat !

A view of the marina from the entrance

E dock and the Marriott from the outside

The Zakim Bridge, Constitution Marina and the Marriott

End of D dock, M&D

Creeky was totally covered under a snow blanket

And for the Swans, it was just another day in the water

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SirCumference said...

Amhet, It looks REALLY cold on the boats in the winter. Used to spend all my time on my parents houseboat in Florida and I thought THAT was cold.

Glad to see your doing well. Your boat is beautiful. At this point in my life I was supposed to be sitting my butt on a sailboat down south someplace giving tours to vacationers. That didn't work out! You still inspire me. I have to get back on track, I think.

Moron #1
St. Louis, Mo.