Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Snow Day

Roots, Gremlin's Hammer, Just Married as seen frm Waterdancer,

The docks are getting white
Mystery furry creature in a winter day

Thank You Constitution Marina for covering the walkways to the ramps.
There is a gale warning out there, and we are having another Noreaster. Partially due to the windage from the shrinkwrap, we are rocking an rolling around slightly.

Constitution Marina is fairly well protected, and even in the worst storms, it does not get too uncomfortable.

Today is a good day to stay home and go through Netflix, perhaps fix
up our blog a little

Mystery revealed. (aka furry creature hears galley sounds)

1 comment:

Gremlins Hammer said...

We love your view. It was great seeing you again last night at Rudy's. Thanks for the pictures.