Thursday, February 21, 2013

New England Boat Show

Constitution Marina Booth
View from Constitution Marina Booth
On Wednesday, 2/20 I was at the Constitution Marina  booth at the New England Boat Show again. It was reasonably busy between 5 and 7 pm then it dwindled out. Fortunately, Walter Hope's booth with the Friends of Boston Harbor Islands is right across, so we keep on visiting each other to chat. Towards the end of the show I checked out a Hanse 41 that was straight across from my booth. Looks pretty but I am spoiled with Waterdancer, so I was not very impressed. The winches heads, and the galley fridge were significantly  smaller.

Steve, Walter and Rab from the
Friends of Boston Harbor Islands
The industry in general is in a big lull. From what I am hearing, it appears that they will do about 1/4 th of the business they did last year. I know that the economy is not the greatest, but I am not sure why there is such a significant difference. Is it the weather ?
I will be pulling 2 more stints, one on Friday Evening and the other one on Sunday 11-2

There is supposed to be more snow on Sunday, so that should be interesting.

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