Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lobster Hunting in the Harbor

So, today Buzz Paul and I decided to go for some lobsters. After all, we had been so succesfull in the past ! 
It was also a great excuse to take the Whaler out. It was a pretty cold day, typical for this time of the year.
We decided to try our luch at East Boston since there were some locations where Paul had seen some Lobsters before, Getting across was a breeze, unfortunately I am a law abiding citizen so we could not really get up on plane.
We docked at the Marina in East Boston, Buzz dropped by to say hello to the Manager, Paul then suited up
And off he went. If took about 3 minutes of dive time to find a few smaller ones that were legal.
Nonetheless we had fun and we had a boat ride in the winter !
On the way back there was a commotion across the harbor. Apparently somebody had decided that it would be a great idea to hop onto one of the ferries that was docked there, release the lines and drift out into the ocean. That kept the Coast Guard and State Police busy for a while

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