Sunday, December 9, 2012

2012 in a Nutshell

Leaving for our first Vacation Trip In May

2012 went by, it was another interesting year, wit it's ups and downs. I have been hesitant to blog, so finally I uploaded some pictures, and will caption them. Somehow, Facebook spoiled the blogging. However, I don't want to forget how my life was. I will add captions to the pictures and put them in chronological order so that it makes sense. I may even eventually split them up into events.

Holy Mackarel, a fishing boat in Glochester

Rafting up with Brian and others in Salem

Great Stripers right off the dock at the Winthrop Yacht club

Our favorite Sushi place in Winthrop. Right across the club. OsakaLucky garden

Again, the keel damage
Getting towed to Hingham. She could have made it on her own, which she actually did, the second time
 Damage to the hull was minor
This is where Waterdancer decided to climb up the the rocks. She ended up behind that boulder.
There was some keel damage

And the rudder was eaten up

Dave and Dee

Since Waterdanver was out of comission, Buzz Volunteered Emeraud for out Annual M-Cruise.

Cape Cod, 

Cohasset Harbor

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