Saturday, July 7, 2012

On the Hard again

Trip to Salem

On Thursday, June 7, I left with Waterdancer, leaving Danielle at the docks to go to work, and headed to salem. June 15 2009 was the last time I was there on the hard . They were estimating E winds at 5 knots, so I had no illusions of sailing. After rounding Deer Island, the winds were just too good to give up, so I pulled the furler, and off we went. Doing about 6.5 knots towards Salem.
Then things started darkening, and fog hit in. My radar is broke. Then the WX started to give weather alerts about a strong cell moving right towards me .
Looking at the Android Radar, it looked like now way out. Dark red center about 4 miles wide. I steered a bit offshore to avoid it and managed to get throughly soaked, but no high winds.
By the time I arrived in Salem, the sun was up.
So I went up on the dry, no problem, the bow thruster worked, and off she went on the slings.

Life on the Hard is Hard !

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