Monday, June 15, 2009

Life on the Hard Days 1,2,3

I finally found my camera, and the cell phone connector, so I could start posting again. I find posts with no pictures boring.

Well, on Thursday, 6/11 Buzz came over to Winthrop and we moved Waterdancer to Salem. It was a rolly trip. Rain was predicted, and we had the bimini top on. My expectations of a miserable, wey, rainy trip were not fulfilled though. Except of the rolling, th trip was fine. The wind was about 15 degrees off, so we could not sail.

I should have raised the main to stop the rolling but I was too lazy.

Now, I am sitting on the hard, Danielle is staying with her mother, and has the year end recital. I did not much besides making a big mess inside and out, and waiting to talk to my friend Dmitry and Keith, the yard manager.

There is good amount of work to be done on the keel, I need a new cutlass bearing, and have the autopilot checked out.

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