Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend at the Mooring and First Sail

Sunset at our mooring spot
This summer we are planning to go out as much as possible. So, this Friday, we left our slip and went out to the mooring. It was great to be away from the crowds and noise and just enjoy the water. We had beautiful sunsets, nice food for the grill and a very tranquil time.

Sailing back to Winthrop Jib only

On Sunday we decided to sail out. We left the mooring field, went around the airport all the way back to Constitution Marina, where we harassed our winter friends with a fly-by (on motor) and then sailed back out to the islands.
From there we had a beautiful sail back, jib only, at six knots into our regular slip on A dock.
Danielle at the helm beautiful sail

There, the dogs met Milly and Danielle and Darlene went back to their old Sunset Wine routine.

Danielle, Darlene, Sailor Sammy and Milly
It looks like, slowly but surely we are all recovering from the tragic events of last year.
 Life goes on

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