Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Sail with Captn Ron and Lovely Lori

Danielle was away this weekend at one of her dance competitions which she loves so much. So that was a perfect opportunity to clean up my boat.
Of course, what else could one do on a beautiful sunny day on a weekend at a yacht club with great food and drinks, and a beautiful view.  Clean up and organize the boat.
Well I needed motivation, so I posted a sailing event and 2 good old friends of min, Ron and Lori, who are avid ocean kayakers decided to join me.
After surviving a great Opening night party at the club I got up early morning and started cleaning up the Waterdancer. It was all put away just in time as they arrived. We left around 12:30, raised the sail around the dolphin, an inched our way out, occasionally motorsailing, past Deer Island Light. From there we had a beautiful sail up the coast, tacked around sailed past the Graves and then back into the harbor past the Boston Harbor Light.
Graves Light
We tried to catch mooring off Gallops, but there were no pennants, and we could not reach the ring from the bow. So we simple anchored which went smooth. I had to get into the dinghy and recover the boat hook that decided to part with us while we were trying to grab the mooring,

Lori working really hardly on this sailing thing
Ron (aka Captn Ron) since he is an ex navy guy, cooked us the hamburgers, we ate a just enjoyd the anchorage for a while until it became time to go back home.
Wew motored back to Winthrop. The landng did not go as smooth, because there were  Easterly winds, and a good amoutn of current, But thanks ro Joe, Marie and Dave who were there to catch the lines, we eventually made it in.

Safely moored back in Winthrop

Great day, great sail, great friends, it was an overall good day.

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