Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in Glochester

Friday 5/25/2012

The weekend was promising. So we pulled out from the docks on Friday evening and went to our mooring. Season mistake 1: got too close to Deer Island in the dark. Danielle warned me and I moved off, after reading 4.3 feet of depth ! After grabbing a mooring, we enjoyed a calm and pieceful night Next moring I heard

Saturday, 5/26/2012

Danielle preparing the lines by 8 AM. She was ready to go. After filling up the dinghy with gas, we left the mooring and mototres past Deer Island light where we set sail. Season Mistake 2: sailing past Graves where I was trying to keep the boat away from the rocks, Danielle simply asked: Are we going to hit the rocks there. I had overlooked the small outcrop of rocks that is called the Northeast Grave. It is just about 1/2 ft above the water at that point. We were about 300 feet off. Time for a good evasive maneuver.
Entering the Glochester Breakwater

We sailed, then motorsailed into Glochester harbor and grabbed a mooring from the harbormaster.
Glouchester was the ususal busy fishing port with all the noises of the giant refrigirated warehouses, the fish processing plants, and the announcements from the whale watch trips. Amids all this is a strange ocean tranquility that we enjoy so much.

Usually I don't make reservations in Glochester. The holding is so good, that I just anchor in the inner harbor. But the moorings are inexpensive ($25/night) and if one is available from the Harbormaster (VHF ch 16) I take it.
On the mooring
Babato at anchor
We spend the afternoon walking the dogs in town, got smoe steamers from the fish market and went back to the boat. We met our winter neighbors from Babato at Constitution Marina, who were anchored there.

Sunday 5/27/2012
Delicious Breakfeast
Danielle pulling the dinghy to the beach while I am taking pictures
In the morning danielle prepared a delicious omlette. I then took the dinghy back to the Fish Market and bought some fresh scallop pieces fro $6.50 /lbs.
I also tried to tighten the stuffing box that was leaking pretty bad, but the locking nut just refused to give. So I sprayed some PB Blaster on it and decided to wait.

Annisquam, Wingersheek Beach
 Around noon time, we took the dinghy up the annisquam river. It is always a fun trip because of all the oddities one observes on the way. Rocks painted as frogs, treee story buildings  in the middle of the river, and all sorts of interesting boats and people.
We spend a few hours on the beach with warm sand and warm waters.
By around 5 pm it was time to get back. It takes about an hour to go thhrough the Annisquam river and back to the boat. We were able to slide under the bridge again with no problems.

Rocks painted as frogs

Once back, we took the dogs for a walk, and then went back home to a delicious Scallop dinner. I noticed that my friend Craig Spear who is also sailing the was at the mooring in front of us, so I grabbed the dinghy and said a quick hello.

Monday, 5/28/2012

We had a lazy morning. Woke up around 10 am, just had a lazy morning and left the mooring around 1:30pm. We raised the sails going out of the breakwater. Initially we motorsailed, but eventually the winds picked up enough that we were able to sail, albeit slowly, back home. Halfway down, we did our annual Memorial Day flower ceremony. Every year, we drop into the ocean  a flowers, from a bucket, remmebering thos  who are not with us any more. And the last and larges one is then thrown for those who have died fighting for our freedom.
Memorial Day Flowers

We then had a beautiful afternoon sail into Boston Harbor. I need to decide how to back in with the dinghy. It took me two trys, and I almost squashed Joe, who was on the dock trying to cath the lines. Again, this week, the wind was blowing us off the docks.
We had the usual suspects on the docks, spent chatting with friends and then had dinner up at the lounge.

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