Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pool Party, Haymarket trip and potluck

Well it was the weekend, and the Marina had a pool party scheduled. That meant a lot of pizza, a keg of beer, wine and other goodies. We spent pretty much most of the evening in the pool with beer in our hands

By the time we were done it was 3 am. As you can see in this representative picture, I don't remember much of the party once the keg was finished, and even if I did, I probably should not publish it :)

After recovering next day, (or at least attempting to) we ended up forming an impromptu group to go to Haymarket for our weekly shopping. It was fun to go out with the group. After the shopping, we all met at the Union Oyster House for some clam chowder and drinks (again)

It is only a 15 minute walk from Haymarket back to the marina, and we are starting to really enjoy this urban lifestyle and our friends.

And with heavy snow predicted, we ended up having and impromptu dinner at Jeff's boat to celebrate the snow and party some more.

It was planned great, and we enjoyed salad form our host Jeff, great soup from Andrew, rice and lamb stew from Marcy and Buzz, we brought chicken and rice, and Jeff and Kristi made great desert. So we ate drank, and chatted for a few hours. It feels like we have something going on with our group every night.

I must say that both Danielle and I are very happy for being part of this very good group. Everybody gets along great with each other. Both the girls and the guys created great friendships. This is starting to become the most fun we had in the winter at Constitution Marina.

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