Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve 08

So, 2008 has come to an end. I try to shy away from posting my political opinions, but in may ways, I feel like many others. Good riddance 2008. Goodbye Bush. I wish that we had a system where politicians at the highest level could be held accountable for what they have done. But that is not going to happen. Bush's only punishment is going to be that he will have to live with himself knowing that he was the greatest failure the world has ever seen.
Cheney on the other hand will probably keep on in his ways. I just hope that somehow, when the public comes to a full realization of what these people have done, they will actually turn their backs on them. Not so much Bush, because I can't see his incompetence to be as bad as Cheney's manipulative behavior.

Anyway enough of that 09 is coming with a lot of hopes, and well wishes. Everybody is tired. A lot of hopes and dreams have been shattered with the financial crises, even ours. We all realize that we have to work more, and longer.

But Hey ! that is even more of a reason to start 09 with a blast. As usual, whenever something important is happening, we had a big snowstorm. We did go shopping in the snowstorm for provisions for the night and then to brunch at Sorrels, a local bakery.

We did buy all the usual party supplies including the mandatory bottles of champagne, which we knew was not going to get wasted.

I had to deal with the cold. What better way than a 300,000 BTU/ht flamethrower !
It must be a "Guy" thing, but I love having that thing around :) I can heat up the cockpit in 30 seconds !

Buzz, Marcy, and Joanne showed up around 7, and we watched TV, chatted and had a great evening. including many test runs with the PA system on Waterdancer

2 minutes before midnight Justin, Jenny, Dave and Christina showed up with some school friends of Christina, and we counted down .. of course on the PA.

(Click on Image below to see our album)

Eventually, Arvind, another dock neighbor, showed up to join the party.
Sometime, after 3 am, everything started to fade. I was told later that I had three 20-something year old girls sleeping in our bed, but I don't remember it !
So by 4 am, our last guests stumbled back to their own boat and we hit the hay, which was vacant at that point, not to wake up until late the next afternoon !

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