Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daniel E Listenfelt

My Father-In-Law, Daniel, passed away from complications of his heart on Saturday, January 17, at 1:25 pm.

My wife, Danielle received a phone call on Friday that her father was not doing that well, and rushed over to the Landmark Hospital in Woonsockett. I went over Friday night. He was already on life support systems and his heart was very irregular.

They have a very large family. His 4 brothers, his sister, all their children, and family friends filled up the waiting area in front of the ICU. Most of them stayed way past midnight. We went for a quick nap at 8 am, and were called back by the hospital around noon. His condition progressively worsened. Then shortly after one pm, with his wife and daughter by his bedside, holding his hands, he slowly slipped away from us....
He was gone.
He saw his greatest darling, Danielle, living a life happier than ever, and was following our escapades through our blogs and emails.
When she went to the hospital on Friday afternoon, they were just about to sedate him to install the tube to help him breath. He could hardly move, but squeezed Danielle's hand, turned to her and said:
"I love you my little sweetheart"
Those we his last words...
We went back to his house, to get his last wishes, which he had written down, and then gathered at his sister Mary's house. The afternoon went on as any afternoon would go by where a loved one passes away
One of his brothers, Mark, plays in clubs, and he decided that he needed to go and play. We decided to join him at Sizzlers in Cumberland. It turned out to be a wonderful ode to him.
Mark Played the son "Daniel", and we all listened.. It was difficult not to cry.
There was a very emotional aura around us, while Mark was performing. We were both laughing and crying at the same time.

At the end, it was a celebration of life. A celebration of all the love and caring he had brought with him to this world.
He is in a happy place now. He was happy here, having fulfilled his goal in his life.
Today, we went to the funeral home to make the arrangements, and at some point in the day I will go back to Boston to pick up some clothes, and make arrangements for the dogs. At this point, Andrew has been great help in feeding the dogs and have them take out their aggression of being left alone by peeing on his pants.

I know that many friends in the Marina have offered to help, and we will get back to you f we decide to leave the dogs in the boat. Thank you very much.

The Funeral will probably be Thursday or Friday, Danielle will most likely be staying with her mother while I shuttle back and forth. Unfortunately my cell phone is dead, and the charger is in the boat.

Rest in peace Daniel, I promise you that I will take care of your daughter, and do my damnest to make sure that she is the happiest person in the world.

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