Saturday, December 20, 2008

Storm party at Constitution Marina

It was snowing. Really snowing. We were literally stuck at Constitution Marina

There were a few dozen liveaboards at Constitution Marina, just like us, stuck, nowhere to go.
So what do we do ... ? PARTY

The marina has a swimming pool that they heat up and enclose in the wintertime, right next to their lounge/offices. 
We usually go to one of the boats to party. But since there were so many of us, and the appeal of a hot pool was just irresistible, we decided to use the facility. Which meant that Sebastian, the dockmaster, had to be with us too. Well.. he ended up missing the Celtics game. Zack, Jeff and Sheryl's sun, got the ticket and enjoyed the game.

heated enclosed pool that is just absolutely perfect for such a day. 
I wish that we would be there more often. 
We swam, talked about the summer, got drunk and sang. In this video you can see Kristie from S/V "As You Wish" singing, accompanied by Jeff from M/V Carissa. 

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