Monday, October 20, 2008

Move to Constitution

It is time to do the annual migration from Winthrop to Charlestown. It is usually bittersweet, with the mixed feelings of another summer passed, and a change of environment, and more quieter times.

This is the first time Danielle is riding on Waterdancer. If one looks back to our blogs, there is always some kind of picture of our migration.

This is Waterancer's first year, and we have not really sailed her at all, since we got her so late in the season.

Tapalong our beloved little 13 ft Whaler is coming with us for the trip. Eventually she will be sitting on the dry on her trailer avaiting new exciting trips. It has been a really fun vessel, very dry and is perfect to go around the harbor. We are expecting a lot of fun with her next year.

Well, Waterdancer will be at Constitution until April, at which point we will make the trip back to her mooring/slip in Wintrhop

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