Sunday, October 5, 2008

S/V Waterdancer

Welcome to the S/V Waterdancer blog. She is our new boat, a 1990 Irwin 43 MKIII.
A very roomy, comfortable boat, that can, although not a bluewater sailor, take a good amount of sea, and take us anywhere we care or dare to go.

We have purchased her in October 2008 from Westbrook, Ct. and
did her first trip delivering her from Westbrook to Boston, MA.
Here is a movie of her sailing at 8.4 knots up Massachusetts bay

(Yes we were in a hurry, so we were motorsailing :):) )

The trip took us a total of 2 hours. She performed faster and easier than I would have ever dared to. We ended up 4 hours early at Cape Cod Canal, so we had to stop by at Onset, around 1 am, where we grabbed a mooring and took a nap.

By 12:30 the following day, she was sitting at her slip in Winthrop, MA

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