Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Blues

We are sitting in Constitution Marina, eagerly awaiting next summer. The snowstorm before Christmas dumped a good amount of snow. What better excuse to get together with everybody around the Marina and have a good social time.

As one can see from the photo, we are comfortably snuggled in. The poor dinghy has withstood more cold, snow ice and freezing than any vessel I know. I am afraid one day she will say enough !
Waterdancer has received her coast guard documentation, and we need to do the renaming ceremony before we sail her out in the spring. We are planning to go over to a dry dock for a few weeks to do the bottom, fix a few little spots on the fairing.

We are already making plans for our trips next year. We are planning to be out much more than we have been last year.
I have to deal with a few electrical gremlins in the depth and wind transducers. I will try to ship them back to Raymarine to haeve them fixed. The ST50 depth unit is hallucinating about the depth readings.

New Years eve is 2 days away, we will walk through Boston, then come back and have a good time with friends at the Marina.

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