Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer is here

Well, Summer is here, and we moved into Winthrop. We have a great location for our slip this year, and are preparing Waterdancer to go out cruising. Meanwhile we enjoy small local trips on Tapalong, our 13 Whaler Dauntless.
Chris up on the mast of French Lessions

Our dock neighbor fellow liveaboard Chris is hanging out on his mast quite often these days. So he took this great picture of Waterdancer, that I made my desktop and also the image for this blog. 
S/V Waterdancer
Below are a few pictures taken from our cockpit. I promise I will add to this blog as things move on. Currently we are busy stripping the toerail to bare wood and re-varnishing.
And of course, my never-ending quest to find an organization for my tools is still continuing. I think I found a workable solution. 
Sailing in Winthrop Harbor
 I am still volunteering as the Dockmaster at the WInthrop Yacht Club. We did a significant amount of  work on the docks and replaced the hardware. The main I am at, A dock, has all brand new brackets which make me feel somewhat safer. Although it is a great location, we are exposed to Southwesterlies, and things can get bumpy.
A view from our deck

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