Monday, June 20, 2011

Impromptu Trip

It was the day after Danielle's recital. I have, as I have done almost every year, taken the day off to enjoy the first real days of the summer together. This time I took both Monday and Tuesday off. After doing some errands and shopping, we decided to go out for a quick sail.
As it happens often, there was no real win in Boston Harbor. As soon as we got out into Cape Cod Bay, we had a great easterly wind. So we decided to do some lazy sailing. I pulled out the Yankee Jib, put on the Autopilot to 60 degrees, and let everything else happen by itself.

Leaving Boston Behind
At one point, we would have to turn back. Wait .. Why ??? I have tomorrow off, we are like turtles, we have our home, our dogs with us. So let's just go. So we decided to sail up to Salem.
Eventually I decided to move and pulled up the main. We had a wonderful lazy sail at 5.5 knots up to Salem. Once we got close we had to go into a run (wind behind) so we pulled in the jib and started the iron genny. We had talked to Hawthorne Cove and secured a mooring.

Relaxed sail

Buzz met us, and after hanging out on Waterdancer for a while, we went ashore on Buzz's dinghy to Victoria Station. There we met with our friends Jeff and his father-in-law (and friend) George. Jeff and Kristi are fellow liveaboards who made the jump and moved down to the Carribbean on their Irwin 43. Now they are living there in the winters, occasionaly chartering their boat and up in New Hampshire with Krist's parents George and Sandy.
Danielle encountering my Lobser claw

After a great night with friends, Buzz dropped us back on Waterdancer, and we are enjoying a wonderful night under the stars in Salem harbor as I type into this blog.

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Vicki Turner said...

Hi Danielle and Ahmed, I truely hope you get this message while we are in Boston. Mom (Barbara Sheets), Clarissia Danielle (my youngest) and I are in Boston for short time July 14-26. Would love to hear from you. We are at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Revere. Lots of love.