Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wrath of winter

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We are being hit by one snowstorm after another. This week, after receiving already over 50 inches of snow, we had a double snowstorm hit us. Tuesday was a wash as far as work is concerned. Wednesday I went to my office, and only one other person was here.
Tuesday evening we went to the parking lot and cleared the cars, padded off the snow from the shrinkwrap. I also added some reinforcing tape to the roof area over the door. Next year I am planning to create a dome with an additional conduit so that the snow can fall off.
The shrinkwrap is holding for now (no jinx... no jinx). I have a few small holes from falling ice, and the area around the starboard shroud opened up, again, from falling ice I presume.

Dingy is completely covered with snow. It will be some time before it is accessible again !
Below is a picture of Constitution Marina, with Danielle and the dogs, before the big storm hit !

Danielle, Sailor and Sammy walking to the Constitution Marina Parking Lot

There is a dinghy there

And here is the poor dinghy. Again, this picture was taken before the big storm hit, and there was no melting in between.

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