Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paul's Mountain Cabin

Off we go to New Hampshire
Paul and Elisabeth invited us up to their Paul's mountain cabin. It is up in New Hampshire, behind Mt Washington. This season, the access road is completely covered with snow and the only way to make it up is via Snowmobile.

Fixing the sled

Danielle making Snow Angels

So we followed them up to New Hampshire. Paul had the snowmobile parked at the bottom of the trail.  We had to attach some old skis to the bottom of the pill sled so that we could move our stuff up.

Danielle helping to resupply the wood

Eventually, we made it up to the cabin. It was a beautiful view, a great cabin heated only by firewood, no electricity, and no water.

We really enjoyed the cabin. Danielle helped Paul lug some firewood from the shed, and the woodstove created a really cozy athmosphere.

Jeff playing the Piano while Cheryl is singing
Cheryl and Danielle

For the evening, we went over and visit Jeff and Cheryl at their mountain cabin that was a few miles away.
As usual, they were great hosts, and we met a bunch of other fun people, mostly from Marina bay, and a friend who is a patient of Cheryls.
 After a great night, and a few little adventures with the 2-wheep drive Honda on these mountain roads, we made it back to the cabin.
Next morning we had Mimosas and a great breakfeast. We left around 6 pm and made it back to Waterdancer around 8.

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