Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation, Cuttyhunk

After Hurricane Bill left we decided to bolt to Cuttyhunk. We left Glochester at 9 am in the morning to make the canal with a favorable current, and arrived in Cuttyhunk right at sunset.

In retrospect, we should have stopped at Bassets again instead of doing a 10 hour dash, but I wanted to avoid the southwesterlies that were predicted for the next day. It turns out that Waterdancer would have easily made it. You can see Danielle's annoyance slightly on the video poster. It was a beautiful trip though.

Here is a great wiew from the top of Cuttyhunk.
We spent the rest of the week there, and yet once again got chased away by a hurricane. This time, Hurricane Danny. Our luck, two week vacation, two hurricanes.

We ended up sailing back to Bassets island, and spent the first day at anchor there, afterwards moving over to a mooring.

I like anchoring, and it is a matter of calculated risk, weather we drop anchor or grab a mooring.
Waterdancer is our life, our home. We are working, full time, so we don't have the luxury of full-time cruisers to work on the boat for repairs. If we were to drag and damage her, we would be in pretty deep shit. So I only anchor when I feel confident about the situation.
Things would of course be different if we were full time cruisers, since we could not afford stating on moorings all the time.

Regardless of the hurricane, we enjoyed our stay back at Red Brook Harbor.

The dogs, especially Sailor, because he is so expressive, hates it when someone goes swimming. He is ready to jump in and get us back onto the boat.

Well, Hurricane Danny came and went, and just like Hirricane Bill, it ended up going off to the east and just dump a lot ow rain onto us

The return trip to Bsoton was both bittersweet and eerie. The hurricanes had left back a mist, and we sailed back to Scituate under a hazy sky, observing whales (well at least I did) and all kind of aquatic creatures.

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