Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation, Bassets, Cuttyhunk and back

We decided to break up our summer vacation into 2 legs. First one was August 1 through August 9, and the second leg is August 17 through August 30. We both had business in town in the second week of August.

We went to the beach and had a great day.
Both Sailor and Sammy enjoyed the remote beach on the hook of Ptown.

We opted to go to a remote area of the beach so that we could leave the dogs loose.

(Danielle and Sailor on the Beach in Ptown)
Last year, the dinghy was stuck in the shallows, and we had to drag it out for a quarter mile. Thanks to Bill Byford, we were able to get out then. So, now I am careful about making sure that we don't land anywhere where there are extensive flats. It is not a big deal to drag the dinghy for a few tens of feet. But after that, it gets tedious.

(A really Happy Danielle on the beach in Ptown)

Next day, on Sunday afternoon, Buzz and Marcy, our winter liveaboard friends, joined us. Next morning we decided to head for the SOuth. We left on a very foggy morning, and after crossing the Cape Cod Canal, we tucked in into Red Brook Harbor and dropped anchor in front of Basset's Island.
There, we had a lovely evening.

(Danielle and Marcy Chatting at anchor at Bassets)

Bassets Island is very shallow, and has winding sand banks. The holding is very good though, but one has to be careful not giving too much scope, because you can drift into the shallows.
The water is extremely warm, 75 degrees F or so, which makes it a delight to swim.

From there we sailed over to Cuttyhunk, our favorite location. Of course, as luck would have it
there were a few regattas scheduled, so the inside was totally booked.
We grabbed a mooring at the entrance of the channel. The nice part of being outside is that we have a great view. Although it can get a bit rocky unless there are east winds.

We spend the afternoon waling in the town and showing Buzz and Marcy the area.

We had a great sunset dinner on Emeraude.

It is always fun to have a pair of like minded people with us on vacation. We love Buzz and marcy dearly. We had a lot of fun last winter when they were living at COnstitution. This year, they decided to spend the winter at Pickering Wharf, in Salem. We will miss thenm

Next morning early we were able to secure a mooring inside.
Next day, we took the dogs, and climbed up to the top of the hill. There is a beautiful view from there, and on clear days you can see Connecticut, Nomans Land and Nantucket. Gays head on Marthas Vineyard is always a great view too. I have no idea where my pictures from the top of Cuttyhunk are.

After several days in Cuttyhunk, we sailed back to Basset's Island, dropped the anchor there for the night and then sailed back across the Canal to Winthrop. Buzz and Marcy joined us and stayed in Winthrop for a few days.
Than Monday, August 10, they took Danielle and the whaler and had a great day on the harbor, going everywhere from Worlds End to Mystic River.

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