Sunday, November 3, 2013

6th Annual Here Comes WInter Party

Today was our 6th annual "Here Comes Winter Party" at Constitution Marina. We have this tradition that every year, the week after we move over, we throw a party for the winter liveaboards. The idea is for folks to meat each other, talk about winter living, and exchange tips, and simply have a fun time.
Danielle usually provides the case of champagne, and a spiral ham, and people contribute.

I can see Cat, Mark, Nadine, John, Mark, Brian Buzz, Lisa, Roxy, Kirsten, Brian and many others

Walter, Lisa, Richard Nadine,Martin, Mark and others

Although it was raining in the morning, the clouds dissipated in the afternoon, and we had a very large crowd showing up. Initially we gathered inside Waterdancer, but eventually the party spilled out to the docks. Everybody contributed with great food and various bottles of champagne, as well as some very creative Bloody Mary drinks.

In the mids of things, Buzz and Martin went to help Paul and Elizabeth move the stuff out of their van. They are our very dear friends who are moving to land. They will be dearly missed by the Boston Liveaboard community, but it was a step that they needed to do, and they are very happy about it. Based on reports we received from Buzz and Martin, we are very happy about it too, because now we have a great space to party  on land, especially when a storm hits. !

As the sun started to go down, we moved the tables over in front of Pipe Dream, our neighbors. We were hoping that the crowd would get them out to join the party, but they were nowhere to be seen. In any case thank you for letting us use your dock space.

I also was hoping that we would have some of the new liveaboards joining us, but that did not happen. But the usual suspects were there and the party went on for 10 hours.
We had literally over 30 guests show up. Thank you everybody for a great start for a great winter

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