Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer 2013 in Pictures

We have thoroghly enjoyed summer of 2013. So much that I did not have a chance to write any entries to our blogs. So here it is, Summer 2013 in pictures:

Returning to Winthrop, August 1

Short Beach, August 2

Short Beach, August 2

View of Boston, August 4

Leaving for vacation, August 11

Minots Light, seen from the Cohasset side, August 11

On the ground in Redbrook Harbor .. uups !

Cuttyhunk Oysters

Some type of Military Ships passing us in fomation
It was an extraordinary sight seeing them approach. - Buzzards Bay
Cuttyhunk inner harbor

Cuttyhunk Sunset

Cuttyhunk Outer Harbor

Cuttyhunk Outer Harbor


Returning home, Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge

Plymouth Harbor

Sailing Plymouth

Two girls paddlboarding in Cohasset Harbor

Lunch in Cohasset

View from our favorite beach in Cohasset

Beach in Cohasset

With Ziya and Anayis in Winthrop

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