Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winter has come and almost gone

.... and I have posted nothing.
S/V Waterdancer under her Shrinkwrap.

This has been a very mild winter. Waterdancer is under her shrinkwrap, and we are planning to move first to the outer docks and then back to Wintrhop in May.

I have been more active than usual at the club, because I was elected to the Board of Directors.

My current project is the WIFI installation in the club.
Album Website
At the same time, there are a few furniture installations on waterdancer that will make it easier to take her out on a whim.

I have been experimenting with various photo albums. We had a beautuful New Years day, and I met my good friend Buzz on the water, and with two dingies we captured the racing action. I also added a few older albums and added links from the main page.

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