Sunday, November 6, 2011

The 4th Waterdancer Sunday Brunch 11/06/11

Thank you all for joining us for our 4th traditional Waterdancer Sunday Brunch. We had a great crowd, including the kids, and everybody had a lot of fun.
We went through 17 bottles of Champagne, and 4 pitchers of Bloody Mary.
Thanks to all that joined us to celebrate the beginning of what we hope will be a great winter season.
The party ran on until past 9:30 that night, and several new liveaboards did get a chance to meet the seasoned  ones. Please feel free to add comments or stories you woul like me to add to this blog entry.
Below are some pictures of the party. Click on any to see the full size version.
The Champagne is flowing with personalized cups instead of nametags.

It is nice to have boat kids around, because they know how to handle themselves on a boat

The party spilled to the docks

The Jolly Roger I stole from Captain Woody is up one last time !

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Walter Hope said...

while only there for a short while, it was a blast... seems like we're off to a great start after the haloween party & now the brunch... it's going to be a great winter! Thanks again Amet!