Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Complications in life

How can I create a blog of our life without being truthful about all that is happening. I love our life. It has been wonderful in the past 6 years, and we are living it out, still both of us working, committed to stay around for years to come, and live on Waterdancer in a less ordinary way.

However, one of the factors that made us move onto Waterdancer, has been my Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which I have been living with since 2003. As expected, there has been a recurrence this last 6 months and the growing lymph nodes are to the point where I will have to go through treatment again.
I have an appointment with my doctors at Dana Farber today, and we will decide on the status and treatments. I am having my hopes up that things are fairly uncomplicated (benign is not the right word, because it is not) and that the lymph nodes respond to the treatments easily. 

I don't want to concentrate on that part of my life on this blog, because it is about our adventures, and our happiness, but  It would be unfair of me to hide these parts of my life, especially if I show up all bald again as I was 7 years ago :)
I will post the progress on that front in the comment pages of this blog.

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Waterdancer said...

As it turns out, we will not need any chemotherapy. Dr Brown, my onchologist for 7 years, is suggesting radiation treatment. Apparanly, there is a 90% success on a tumor like mine. So, life goes on, for now..