Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Storm

The huge storm sweeping across the country has finally reached us. Both Danielle and I are off from work.
It has been blowing pretty good last night, but the marina is very protected.
Last night, we went out to Ironsides last night with Andrew and  Susan.

Hanging out on Waterdancer
Walking the dogs

We Then we hang out on Waterdancer, walked the dogs, and enjoyed the cockpit. It was cozy to enjoy a glass of champagne while the snow started coming down. The  20,000 BTU propane heater made it actually a pretty cozy to be under the shrinkwrap n the cockpit. Next year I should build more windows.
Enjoying a champagne in the cockpit
With the 20,000 BTU heater

Waterdancer's shrink wrap is holding
The ramp did not fare as well

 We spent the night rocking and rolling with the 40 knot gusts.
The snow really started coming down after midnight. It is still snowing as I post this. The shrinkwrap is holding, faring much better that the shrinkwrap over the ramp.  I actually love these snow days. One of the good things about living aboard is that you don't have to shovel any snow.
A Catalina under snow

I took a walk over to D dock to check on Jose's boat. He has a remote thermometer on his stern, so it is easy to check if the heater in his engine compartment is working. We are planning to take a walk with the dogs and then go up to Max and Dylan's to see what is up there.

 At the end we went to Mark's boat, had some sangria and chatted the night away.

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