Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring happenings

Last night the shrinkwrap came off, and tonight the frame will go. I brought over the powerwasher and cleaned up some of Dinghy Dong (that's one of Danielle's naming conventions)
In other news, we had a great party last Friday, and on I was able to pick a good slip at the Withrop Yacht Club for the following season.
Last sunday, we took our Friend Paui's 51 ft powerboat and went over to Marina Bay to meet up with our old friends Jeff and Cheryl. It was a beautiful pre-season trip.

I have been working on a great Blogging/Cruising Site that I will publish soon, but that has taken a bit of a delay for now since I am facing a deadline for my real customers, Continental Airlines, as well as developing a website for my Dockmasters postion at the yacht club.

I decided that I need a new camera. The IPhone pictures are just lausy quality unless the lightning conditions are ideal. Once I get that, I will be posting more pictures

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