Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moving Back To Constitution Marina

How many times have I blogged our move from Constitution to Winthrop, and then back from Winthrop to Constitution, in the past 5 years, I don't remember.

There are both sad and sweet parts to both of these trips. It always is a bittersweet occasion of leaving the summer life, the Tiki Bar, the Winthrop Sunsets and our summer vacations behind, and moving back into the town life.

Well, it was that time again. Danielle had been sick with a cough, so we had to delay the trip till Monday.
She drove over, and I took Waterdancer. It was a tranquil, lone trip. Quiet seas again, only interrupted with the excitement of undoing the dock lines only to realize that the boat, with engine running, was in gear.. (Talk about a leap of faith I had to do)
Waterdancer, Sailor, Sammy and I had a quiet trip around the airport and arrived in Charlestown mid-afternoon.

We tied her up at her new spot and went to have a sandwich at Sorrels, a little coffee shop in the neighborhood.
Afterwards, we jumped into Tapalong, which I had towed over, and rode back to Winthrop, It was time for Tapalong to be up on her trailer and brought over into her winter spot.

So here we are, looking forward for another winter season, shrinkwrapping, cooking, partying, and hanging out with our old and new friends here at the Marina.

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