Friday, February 13, 2015

Snow Emergency Friday the 13, 2015


DATE: February 13th, 2015
TIME: 8:00 PM
SUBJECT: Winter Storm Recovery Operations and Weekend Snowstorm

Updated Forecast Summary from the National Weather Service
The National Weather Service (NWS) provided the following update related to the approaching winter storm:
This weekend storm will bring light to moderate snow will begin Saturday afternoon and increase in intensity overnight, bring up to 14 inches in eastern MA, and up to 8 inches in central MA, and up to 6 inches western MA. Snow is expected to taper in western and central Massachusetts bySunday afternoon, and in eastern Massachusetts by Sunday evening.  This storm will bring strong winds, with gusts up to 50 mph inland, up to 60 mph gusts along the eastern coast, southern Bristol and Plymouth counties, and the upper Cape and up to 70 mph along the and the Outer Cape and Nantucket.  Minor to moderate coastal flooding and significant beach erosion is expected for the Sunday morning high tide (~7:30 a.m.) along the northeastern shoreline from Salisbury to Cape Ann. Minor and possibly pockets of moderate coastal flooding are expected on the South Shore and Cape Cod Bay.  Extremely cold temperatures will follow this storm, with lows reaching below zero in eastern MA and double digits below zero in western MA, and wind chills reaching 25 below zero.
·         Snowfall: 4” to 6” inches expected in Western portion of the state and 8” to 14” for Central, Eastern and Southeast-coastal areas. Blizzards conditions expected in East/Southeastern- coastal areas.
·         Snowfall Timing: Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening.
·         Winds: Sunday into Sunday night, high confidence for northerly winds of 40-50 mph across the interior of the state and 60+ mph for Cape and Islands. Strongest winds expected around midday Sunday.
·         TemperatureSunday night into Tuesday expect extremely cold temperatures across the state with possible wind chills of 25 below or lower in some portions of the state.
·         Coastal Flooding: During the Sunday morning high tide there is high confidence for minor to pockets of moderate coastal flooding and beach erosion. Coastal flooding to mainly occur on north-facing beaches from Cape Ann to Cape Cod Bay. Coastal flooding highlights include:

·         Salisbury to Cape Ann (including Plum Island) – Warning for Sunday morning high tide.
o   Most at risk for moderate coastal flooding and beach erosion.
·         Cape Cod Bay Shoreline (Sandwich to Dennis) – Warning for Sunday morning high tide.
o   Significant beach erosion also a concern with minor to moderate coastal flooding.
·         South Shore (including Hull, Scituate, Marshfield) – Warning for Sunday morning high. tide
o   Risk of some overwash, especially in susceptible areas that were hard hit in the previous blizzard, minor to pockets of moderate coastal flooding.
·         Gloucester to Boston – Advisory for Sunday morning high tide.
o   Risk of some splashover, minor coastal flooding
·         Storm Surge:
o   Expecting a 2.0 to 2.5 foot storm surge
o   Highest from Salisbury to Cape Ann
o   Waves approaching 20 feet just offshore for the Sunday morning high tide

Potential hazards associated with this storm include; drifting and blowing snow, visibilities of a quarter mile or less, poor travel conditions, power outages, strong wind gusts, extreme cold, minor to moderate coastal flooding, and beach erosion.
Advisories, Watches and Warnings
NWS has issued the following watches and warnings from 7:00 p.m. Saturday through 1100 a.m. Sunday:
·         Blizzard Warning for Norfolk, Barnstable, Essex, Plymouth, Suffolk, Nantucket, Bristol, Middlesex and Dukes Counties
·         Winter Storm Warning for Worcester and Middlesex counties
·         Winter Storm Watch for Hampshire, Hampden and Franklin counties

NWS has issued the following advisories and warnings from 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Sunday:
·         Coastal Flood Warning for Barnstable, Essex and Plymouth Counties
·         Coastal Flood Advisory for Norfolk, Suffolk, and Nantucket counties

Storm Total Snow Map:

Sunday Wind Gusts Map:

Coastal Flooding Headlines Map:

Monday Morning Lows Map:

Tuesday Morning Lows Map:

Watches, Warnings and Advisories Map:

MEMA Operations
The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) will remain at Level 2 (Partial Activation) with MEMA staff and state agencies including MassDOT, DCR, DEP, MANG, and MSP. The SEOC will continue to provide situational awareness and coordinate assistance to ongoing local and regional snow removal and cleanup efforts.  The MEMA Regional EOC’s in Agawam, Tewksbury and Bridgewater have secured for the night and will reopen Tuesday morning.

The SEOC will activate to Level 3 (Full Activation) at 7:00 p.m. Saturday in support of storm response withthe following ESFs:

ESF 1- MassDOT
ESF 12- DPU, National Grid, NSTAR

Coastal Flooding Response Assets
To ensure quick response to any situation in which individuals need to be evacuated out of flooded areas, the Massachusetts National Guard will stage personnel and high water vehicles prior to Sunday morning’s high tide in the following locations:
·         Gloucester
·         Ipswich
·         Newburyport
·         Hull
·         Scituate
·         Sandwich

Mutual Aid via the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)
Pursuant to a request from MEMA through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, the states of Maine, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont have agreed to send a total of 28 front end loaders, 76 dump trucks, 14 backhoes, and 36 skid-steer loaders, together with operators and maintenance personnel, to support ongoing snow removal operations.

MEMA secured an agreement with New York and deployed 2 snow melters from the City of New York to Boston via EMAC.

Pennsylvania is sending 10 personnel to support SEOC operations.

MEMA has stood up a State Staging Area (SSA) on the MassPort owned portion of Hanscom Air Force Base, with overflow capacity at Middlesex Community College in Bedford, to receive and support all out-of-state equipment and personnel.  The SSA will operate on a 24/7 basis. Out-of-state resources began arriving at the SSA Tuesday and will continue to arrive through today. Heavy equipment and personnel that arrivedyesterday from Pennsylvania and Vermont will deploy today to cities and towns to assist in snow removal operations. Crews and equipment that arrive at the SSA today from Maine and Pennsylvania will deploytomorrow to cities and towns.

Resources that arrived in Worcester Tuesday and are staged/working in Worcester:
·         3 front end loaders and 4 dump trucks from the NY State Thruway

Resources that have arrived at the SSA from Out of State thus far:
·         15 front end loaders, 14 dump trucks, and 18 skid-steer loaders from NY DOT
·         6 front end loaders, 10 dump trucks, and 10 skid-steer loaders from NJ DOT
·         2  5-yard Loaders, 2 Back Hoe Loaders, 2 Skid steers, 6  20-ton Dump trucks, 6  10-ton Dump trucks from VT National Guard
·         15 dump trucks and 2 backhoes from PA DOT
·         6 Skid Steer Loaders, 13  10-Ton Dumps, 3  20-Ton Dumps, 3 Back Hoe Loaders, 1  5-Yard Loader and 1  2.5-Yard Loaders from ME National Guard.
Resources that arrived yesterday and are staged/working in Boston:
·         2 snow melters from New York City

Resources scheduled to arrive at the SEOC tomorrow:
·         10 personnel from Pennsylvania Emergency Management to support SEOC operations

Resources scheduled to arrive at the SSA tonight:
·         5 dump trucks and 5 backhoes from PA Turnpike
·         6 Skid Steer Loaders, 13  10-Ton Dumps, 3  20-Ton Dumps, 3 Back Hoe Loaders, 1  5-Yard Loader and 1  2.5-Yard Loaders from ME National Guard.
Resource Requests
Since Monday, February 9th, MEMA has received a total of 288 requests for assistance.

As of 6 PM, MEMA is coordinating a total of 156 active resource requests from 100 communities for snow removal assistance, including heavy equipment, snow melters, digging out fire hydrants and storm drains, and deliveries of salt.

The following heavy equipment missions were in progress or deployed as of 6:00 PM:

Please note: All heavy equipment is deployed with operators.

·         Arlington: MassDOT: 3 Dump Trucks, 1 Skid Steer and 2 Front End Loaders 
·         Athol: MassDOT: 1 Front End Loader, 3 Dump Trucks
·         Auburn: PA DOT: 1 Backhoe, 5 Dump Trucks;
·         Boston: PA DOT: 1 Backhoe; MANG: 4 skid steers; CT Contractor deployed 5 Teams (1 Front End Loader, 1 Bobcat, 1 Backhoe, 3 Dump Trucks per team)
·         Boylston: MassDOT: 1 Bobcat
·         Brockton: VT NG: 6 Dump Trucks
·         Braintree: MANG: 4 Front End Loaders 
·         Chelsea: MANG: 1 Dump Truck
·         Cohasset: NY DOT: 1 Front End Loader; VT NG: 2 Dump Trucks
·         Essex: NY DOT: 2 Front End Loaders, 3 Skid Steers, 3 Dump Trucks
·         Gloucester: MANG: 6 Front End Loaders, 6 Dump Trucks
·         Hanover: MassDOT: 1 Front End Loader
·         Ipswich: MassDOT: 2 Front End Loaders, 2 Dump Trucks; NY DOT: 1 Front End Loader
·         Lawrence: NY DOT: 1 Bobcat, 1 Dump Truck
·         Leominster: MassDOT: 1 Backhoe, 1 Dump Truck; NY DOT: 1 Front End Loader; VT NG: 4 Dump Trucks
·         Lunenburg: Northern Tree: 2 Dump Trucks and 2 Front End Loaders 
·         Malden: MassDOT: 1 Front End Loader; NJ DOT: 1 Bobcat, NY DOT: 2 Front End Loaders, 1 Dump Truck
·         Millville: MassDOT: 1 Wing Plow
·         Nahant: NJ DOT: 2 Front End Loaders, 2 Dump Trucks
·         Newburyport: PA DOT: 1 Front End Loader, 5 Dump Trucks
·         Newton: NY DOT: 3 Front End Loaders, 3 Bobcats and 3 Dump Trucks
·         Phillipston: MassDOT: 1 Grader with Wing Plow
·         Quincy: MANG: 2 Backhoes, 3 Dump Trucks
·         Revere: NY DOT: 2 Front End Loaders, 1 Dump Truck, 1 Bobcat
·         Rockport: VT NG: 2 Bobcats and 2 Backhoes
·         Salem: MANG: 1 front end loader, 3 dump trucks and 2 skid steers
·         Somerville: NY DOT: 1 Front End Loader; NJ DOT: 6 Bobcats, 6 Dump Trucks; MassDOT: 2 FELs, 1 Dump Truck
·         Southbridge: MassDOT: 2 Front End Loaders
·         Topsfield: MassDOT: 1 wing plow
·         West Boylston: MassDOT: 1 Backhoe
·         Worcester: Northern Tree:  3 Front End Loaders and 11 Dump Trucks; NY State Thruway: 3 Front End Loaders and 4 Dump Trucks

Shoveling Missions:
MANG teams deployed to the following communities today:
·         Ashland: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Attleboro: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Auburn: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Beverly: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Billerica: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Bridgewater: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Brockton: 4 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Dudley: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Easton: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Gardner: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Hanover: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Holbrook: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Ipswich: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Kingston: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Leominster: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Lynnfield: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Marshfield: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Medford: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Medway: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Mendon: 3 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Middleton: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Milton: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Natick: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Norton: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Norwell: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Oxford: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Pembroke: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Randolph: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Sharon: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Shrewsbury: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Spencer: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Sterling: 4 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Stoughton: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Sudbury: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Taunton: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Uxbridge: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         West Bridgewater: 1 team of 4 MANG troops
·         Westford: 2 teams of 4 MANG troops
·         Weymouth: 3 teams of 4 MANG troops

Salt Missions:
MEMA continues to work with salt vendors to provide salt to the following communities:
·         Attleboro
·         Avon
·         Bedford
·         Bridgewater
·         Fitchburg
·         Harvard
·         Leominster
·         Lunenburg
·         Princeton
·         Sharon

MA National Guard Deployments
MA National Guard (MANG) teams continue to be deployed throughout the Commonwealth to support local public safety and public works personnel with critical public and life safety issues and enhancing critical services. These teams have been instructed to work with local officials to define specific missions. Examples of permissible missions include: digging out fire hydrants, opening storm drains and catch basins to prevent flooding, clearing snow from HVAC vents at public facilities and critical infrastructure, and ensuring access to critical infrastructure such as police and fire stations, pumping stations, and public facilities that provide necessary health and social services.  While cities and towns may have other snow removal needs, it is important that MANG teams first address these types of public and life safety missions across the Commonwealth before taking on secondary missions. Once these teams complete critical missions in a community, they will move on to other communities. MEMA and the MANG ask that communities that receive these teams work with them, and the soldiers, to assign missions that meet the specific criteria.

MassDOT / MBTA Update
Due to the impending blizzard conditions, all MBTA services will be suspended Sunday, February 15th. There will be no Subway, Trolley, Commuter Rail, Bus, or Ferry service the entire day. The MBTA will not be offering 'Late Night" bus or subway services Saturday night/Sunday morning (February 14-15). The last subway trains will depart downtown Boston no later than 12:50 a.m. 

General Information
  • The State EOC remains partially activated and the ESF1 desk continues to be staffed to support this event.
  • A potential strong winter storm may impact the entire state Saturday into Sunday. A Blizzard Watch is in effect fromSaturday Evening to Sunday Evening for Cape Cod, Nantucket, Eastern Essex, Suffolk, Eastern Norfolk, and Eastern Plymouth Counties for 6-14" of snow, higher amounts possible
  • MBTA service continues to operate on a limited schedule today; delays are possible.
  • ESF1 has been assigned a high volume of mission requests; working with ESF1 partners to fulfill where possible. However, incoming weather and personnel/equipment exhaustion is a limiting factor. MEMA is bringing in resources from out-of-state via EMAC to support some of these requests.ESF1 continues to evaluate ability to fulfill all outstanding assigned mission tasks.

Road Conditions
Specific Location
I-190 Both Dir.
@Exit 1
@1455 Road closed due to damage until at least 1800.

General Conditions and Impacts
Due to weather-related Orange Line delays, Haverhill Line passengers are strongly encouraged to transfer to the Orange Line at North Station, not Malden Center.
The Commuter Rail will continue to operate on published weekday schedules on Friday, February 13. Some trains may be cancelled due to weather-related issues.
See line specific details below.

Service Conditions
 Blue Line
The Blue Line will operate today, but with fewer cars and less frequent service.
 Orange Line
The Orange Line will resume regular weekday service today, Friday, February 13. Customers should continue to anticipate weather-related delays in service.  
 Red Line
  • Limited Red Line service will be available between Alewife and Ashmont Stations. Red Line trains will also resume on the Braintree branch to North Quincy Station with shuttle bus replacement of Red Line trains between North Quincy and Braintree Stations through Sunday, February 15. This means that Braintree branch subway service between North Quincy and Braintree Stations is replaced with shuttle buses through the end of service on FridaySaturday, and Sunday. Customers are strongly encouraged to use Commuter Rail service that will stop at Braintree and Quincy Center.
  • Buses will replace service on the Mattapan Trolley Line from start to end of service on Friday, February 13.
 Green Line
The Green Line will operate today, but with fewer cars and less frequent service.
 Silver Line
Operating; delays possible due to road conditions.
All bus routes will operate a regular weekday schedule on Friday, February 13. Many bus routes will experience weather related delays and may operate on snow route.
Commuter Rail
The Commuter Rail will operate on published weekday schedules beginning at the start of service on Friday, February 13, 2015 with the exception of the following cancelled trips:
  • Providence Line 800
  • Franklin Line 702
  • Fairmount Line: 734/744
  • Stoughton Line: 901/902
  • Worcester Express: 582
  • Anderson/Woburn Line 351/352 & 355/356 & 357/358
  • Reading Line 259/260 & 263/264
  • Beverly 051/052 & 053/054
Commuter Boat
  • Due to icing conditions at Hingham Shipyard, all Hingham vessel departures and arrivals on Friday, February 13, will operate between Hingham and Rowes Wharf exclusively.
  • Hull Ferry service to Hull, Logan Airport, and Long Wharf will operate as scheduled on Friday, February 13, but with no connections in Hingham. Connections to Hingham from Long Wharf, Logan Airport, and Hull are currently suspended and will resume when icing conditions improve.
  • Charlestown Ferry service will operate on a weekday schedule on Friday, February 13.
▬ The RIDE
Operating; however delays and cancellations are likely; customers should check with the operator.
All Other
No impacts reported
Concord Coach
No impacts reported
Dartmouth Coach
No impacts reported
Boston Express Bus
Boston Express Bus is extending the suspension of “Commuter Loop” stops through next Friday, February 20, 2015.  Commuter loop trips will go directly to South Station.
Peter Pan Bus
No impacts reported
Plymouth & Brockton
No impacts reported
No impacts reported
Logan Express
No impacts reported
Steamship Authority
No impacts reported

Department of Conservation and Recreation Update
DRC reports:
·         DCR will implement a parking ban on ALL DCR roads on Saturday, February 14, 2015, time to be determined. A parking ban remains in effect on Winthrop Shore Drive until further notice.
·         The city of Revere and DCR have plans to close the Winthrop Parkway Flood Gate between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM Saturday, February 14, 2015.
·         DCR MassParks Depots are critically low in salt. Each Depot will be able to get through the next day or two with current salt totals, but will be dangerously low beyond this weekend.
·         DCR has cancelled winter camping at Scusset Beach State Reservation and Shawme Crowell State Forest until further notice.  The only areas open for camping, by reservation, are the cabins at Camp Nihan, Savoy Mountain, and Mohawk Trail.
·         DCR fulfilled the SEOC requests for 3 message boards, 80 traffic cones, and 2 light towers, provided to the Hanscom State Staging Area.
·         Hewitts Cove in Hingham is experiencing major freezing issues causing concern regarding DCR boats and Boston Harbor Islands staff. Staff has been able to break the ice around their boats and reach the caretaker on Spectacle Island. The US Coast Guard has been breaking up the ice with one of their cutters, but with subfreezing temperatures predicted into next week, there may be more issues with freezing.
·         All DCR Depots will be fully mobilized for snow and ice operations by 12:00 PM Saturday, February 14, 2015.
·         MassDOT provided training today for DCR employees on the newly acquired snow melting machines. Plans are being finalized for deployment procedures.   
·         The Central MA Mosquito Control Project dump truck completed their mission in Berlin.
·         The NE Mass Mosquito Control Project’s dump truck returned to Amesbury today and completed their mission.
Department of Environmental Protection Update
DEP reports:
The roof of the Manchester BTS Water Filtration Plant sustained damage due to the weight of the snow. Due to safety concerns, and the threat of structural collapse, a decision was made to temporarily close the plant. The plant covers the town’s entire water supply and therefore the town is currently without a town water filtration system. MassDEP is facilitating an engineer on scene to inspect the building condition, and is working with the town to try an emergency interconnect with Gloucester water supply. The town is also requesting help to obtain booster pumps to handle pressure differential.
DEP Guidance on Snow Disposal in Open Waterways
Due to the extraordinary weather experienced by the Commonwealth in the past several weeks, municipalities throughout the Commonwealth are facing significant challenges in their efforts to clear, remove and dispose of historic accumulations of snow. MassDEP recognizes that cities and towns may need to undertake emergency measures to ensure protection of public safety.

As communities proceed with necessary emergency snow disposal, it is recommended you use the best management guidelines included in MassDEP's Emergency Disposal Guidance (, including:

·         Dispose of snow in open water with adequate flow and mixing to prevent ice dams from forming.
·         Do not dispose of snow in saltmarshes, vegetated wetlands, certified vernal pools, shellfish beds, mudflats, drinking water reservoirs and their tributaries, Zone IIs or IWPAs of public water supply wells, Outstanding Resource Waters, or Areas of Critical Environmental Concern.
·         Do not dispose of snow where trucks may cause shoreline damage or erosion.
·         Consult with the municipal Conservation Commission to ensure that snow disposal in open water complies with local ordinances and bylaws.

Communities that intend to dispose of snow in open water as outlined above must provide advance notification to DEP by calling (888) 304-1133. Communities must also consult with their Conservation Commission prior to disposing of snow in open water.

Stay Informed
·         Safety and preparedness tips for severe winter weather may be found on MEMA’s website at:
·         For additional information and updated forecasts, see (National Weather Service Taunton) and (National Weather Service Albany)
·         Utilize Massachusetts Alerts to receive emergency notifications and information from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service.  Massachusetts Alerts is a free app that is available for Android and iPhones. To learn more about Massachusetts Alerts, and for information on how to download the free app onto your smartphone, visit:
·         Utilize MEMA’s real-time power outage viewer to stay informed about current power outages in your community and region, and across the state, including information from utility companies about restoration times:
·         Heavy Snow on Roofs: Large amounts of heavy snow on roofs may lead to structural weaknesses or collapses in some cases.  Safety and preparedness tips for dealing with snow on roofs may be found on MEMA’s website at:
Online Resources
For additional information and resources, visit:
·         Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency at
·         MEMA's Facebook page:
·         MEMA Twitter: @MassEMA
·         Federal Emergency Management Agency at
·         National Weather Service/Taunton at
·         National Weather Service/Albany, NY at
·         National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center:
·         National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center:
·         Northeast River Forecast Center:
·         Mass211 at

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