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Mass Ememergency Management Agency Situational Awareness Statement

Below is an email sent to us by fellow Yacht Club Member and FEMA Safety Officer Chuck Flanagan

From: "Packard, Christine (CDA)" <christine.packard@state.ma.us>
Date: February 17, 2015 at 13:56:48 EST
To: CDA-DL - Public Sector <CDA-DL-PublicSector@MassMail.State.MA.US>, CDA-DL - ESF Team <CDA-DL-ESFTeam@MassMail.State.MA.US>, "CDA-DL-ALL (CDA)" <cda-dl-all@state.ma.us>, "CDA-DL-PrivateSector (CDA)" <cda-dl-privatesector@state.ma.us>, "EPS-SA-Executive-Agencies (EPS)" <eps-sa-executive-agencies@state.ma.us>, "sitreps@nesec.org" <sitreps@nesec.org>
Subject: Situational Awareness Statement #31 - Winter Storm Response & Recovery Operations

DATE: February 17, 2015
TIME: 12:00 PM
Subject: Winter Storm Response & Recovery Operations

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) remains at Level 2 (Partial Activation) with MEMA staff, Pennsylvania Emergency Management (PEMA) staff, and state agencies including MassDOT, DCR, MANG, and MSP providing situational awareness and coordinating assistance to ongoing snow removal and cleanup efforts.


Resource Request Update as of 11:00 AM:
·         Since Monday, February 9th, MEMA has received a total of 457 requests for assistance. 222 requests have been completed.
·         To date, assets have been deployed to 139 communities.

Heavy Equipment Missions:
Requests for assistance clearing snow will be prioritized utilizing a number of factors, including the amount of snowfall in the community on February 14-15, 2015, and total snowfall over the past three weeks.

Missions Scheduled for Today, Tuesday, February 17th:

#1: Green Line - B Line
NJ: 3 Dump Trucks & SKID combos, 1 Front End Loader, 1 Dump Truck and 1 SKID
MANG: 1 (20-ton) Dump Truck, 1 (5yd) FELs, (2) SKIDS   /  No. Tree: 1 FEL
#2: Boston College
PA TPKE: 2 Dump Trucks & 2 Backhoes, No. Tree: 1 Front End Loader
MANG: 1 (10-ton) Dump Truck /  No. Tree: 1 FEL
MANG: 1 (20-ton) Dump Truck
#3: Green Line - E Line
MANG: 1 (10-ton) Dump Truck, 1 (5yd) FELs  /  No. Tree: 2 FEL
MANG: 1 (10-ton) Dump Truck  /  No. Tree: 1 FEL
MANG: 1 (10-ton) Dump Truck /  No. Tree: 1 FEL
#4: Riverside Busway
NJ: 2 Dump Trucks & SKID combos, 1 Front End Loader, and 1 SKID
NJ: 2 Dump Trucks & SKID combos, 1 pair Front End Loaders
#5: Cabot/Wellington YARDS 
PA DOT: 4 Dump Trucks & 1 Backhoe,  No. Tree: 1 Front End Loader
#6: Silverline Way
NJ: 2 Dump Trucks & SKID combos, 1 pair Front End Loaders
#7: Route 66 Bus Line
PA TPKE: 3 Dump Trucks & 3 Backhoes, No. Tree: 1 Front End Loader
#8: Red Line Parking
VT: 3 (10-ton), 1 BCATs 1 BHOEs combo, No. Tree: 1 Large Dump Trailer Truck and 3 FELs
VT: 3 (10-ton), 1 BCATs 1 BHOEs combo, No. Tree: 1 Large Dump Trailer Truck and 3 FELs

NT:  4 FELs and 13 DTs / PA DOT: 5 Dump Trucks & 1 BH  (NIGHT WORK)
CT Contractor: providing 5 Teams (1FEL, 1BC, 1BH, 3DT per team)
No. Tree: 1 Snow Blower (4000 ton)
CT Contractor: 6 tri-axle Dump Trucks  /  No. Tree:  2 FELs  (NIGHT WORK, NIGHT ONE)
New Bedford  
No. Tree: 5 FELs  /  MANG:  2 (20-ton) Dump Trucks and 3 (10-ton) Dump Trucks  /  (DAY TWO)
NY: 2 (SKIDS & medFEL combo), 1 LG FEL, 1 (DT & medFEL)  /  (DAY TWO)
NY: 1 DT & SKID combos, 2 med Front End Loaders  /  (DAY FOUR)
NY: 3 FEL, 1 FEL w/RevPlow, 3 Dump Trucks & 3 SKIDs
VT: 3 (20-ton) Dump Trucks / NY: 1 Lg FEL  (NY & VT assets need to stay together)
VT: 3 (20-ton) Dump Trucks / NY: 1 Lg FEL  (NY & VT assets need to stay together)  /  No. Tree: 2 FELs
NY: 1 DT & SKID w/blower combo, 1 Dump Truck  /  PA DOT: 5 Dump Trucks and 1 Backhoe  / No. Tree: 1 (3000 ton) blower
ME: 1BH, 1 FEL, 4 (10-ton) DT, 1 (20-ton) DT, 1 Large BH, 3 SKIDS  (LAST DAY)
ME: 1BH, 1 FEL, 4 (10-ton) DT, 1 (20-ton) DT, 1 Large BH, 3 SKIDS  (LAST DAY)
No. Tree: 2 Snow Blowers 1(3000 ton) and 1 (4000 ton)
NY: 3 DT & SKID w/blower combos
NY: 2 DT & SKID combos, 2 med Front End Loaders

NYC (2) Snowmelters departing Boston at noon on 02/17/2015
MEMA provided channel to DPS
MA DOT providing 40 Type II barricades or Traffic Barrels/Cones 
RED CROSS providing canteen support for MBTA snow removal operations
MA DOT providing treatment for overpass in the Back Bay
SALVATION ARMY Canteen operations supporting VT and ME operations in Lawrence, Essex, Newton & Billerica
SSA / Bedford
RED CROSS providing canteen support for State Staging Area operations.
MA DOT is working on providing 1 Front End Loader for support on RT-9.
Shoveling Missions:
MANG shoveling missions are resuming today.  Shoveling teams have been instructed to work with local officials to address public and life safety issues or enhance critical services.  Examples of permissible missions include: digging out fire hydrants, opening storm drains and catch basins to prevent flooding, clearing snow from HVAC vents at public facilities and critical infrastructure, and ensuring access to critical infrastructure such as police and fire stations, pumping stations, and public facilities that provide necessary health and social services. 

Shoveling teams are being dispatched to the below communities as of 11 AM today. Each team consists of 3 soldiers and a Humvee.


Building Collapse Update:
*Reports of building damage should be reported to MEMA Dispatch.

Updated building collapse reports between 9 PM last night and 11 AM this morning (71 total reported since February 9, 44 in the past 48 hours):
·         Billerica: 57 Lexington Street, residential roof collapse, 1 person rescued. Walls and rafters buckled. Entry disallowed.
·         Everett: 24 Walnut Street, roof collapse, unoccupied garage, no injuries.
·         Middleborough: 88 Middle Street, reported to be a large warehouse style structure. Unsafe for entry and no reported injuries.
·         North Attleboro: 570 Landry Ave. At entrance #4 at the Senior High School there is imminent threat of a collapse, structural compromise and walls bowed out. Also in the library 4 windows have suffered cracking. At this time they are not allowing anyone in the building; all events have been canceled. The Fire Chief and School Superintendent are currently determining a course of action.
·         Hanover, 334 King St. Roof on portion of a vacant house collapsed. No injuries, no one displaced. Utilities to structure have been shut off. 
·         Whitman: 100 Webster St. Deflection noticed inside of the Whitman Public Library. Fire Chief indicates structure is not in danger of collapsing and the library is addressing the issue by shoveling snow off the roof.


·         Light to moderate snow is likely to impact the morning commute leading to slippery conditions and visibility restrictions. Snow may continue through the afternoon commute in eastern Massachusetts but will be tapering off. The area of highest snowfall will be across the Cape and Islands with up to 4”-6”, with a widespread 1”-3” across much of the rest of the state including Boston.
·         Highs today are expected to be close to 20 with wind chill values as low as -2. Northeast winds 5-10 mph gusting to 20.  
·         Tonight will be mostly cloudy with a low around 9. Northwest winds 3 to 5 mph. There is the potential for an additional half inch of snow accumulation overnight.
·         Wednesday is forecast to be mostly cloudy with a high near 26 with Northwest wind of 3-6 mph. There is a slight chance of additional snow between 1 and 2 pm and a 20% chance of additional snowfall.
·         Cold temperatures are expected to linger across the state Thursday into Friday with sun during the day and highs in the mid to upper teens.

Winter Weather Headlines:

NWS Anticipated Snowfall


MassDOT/MBTA Update
General Information
·         The State EOC remains partially activated and the ESF1 desk continues to be staffed to support this event.
·         Today (17FEB) MEMA is supporting MBTA snow clearing/removal missions using EMAC, Massachusetts National Guard, and contracted assets.  
·         As efforts continue to recover from weeks of severe winter weather, the MBTA is announcing it will provide a limited schedule of rail and bus service Tuesday, February 17, 2015.
·         ESF1 has been assigned a high volume of mission requests; working with ESF1 partners to fulfill requests where possible. MEMA is coordinating resources from out-of-state from the State Staging Area (SSA) via EMAC to support some of these requests. ESF1 continues to evaluate ability to fulfill all outstanding assigned mission tasks.
Highway District Conditions and Impacts
Districts 2, 5 and 6 are in snow and ice operations.  
Pavement temperatures are in below freezing across the state.
There are no major issues to report at this time.
·         Statewide Summary:
o    255   Pieces of equipment
o    260   MassDOT employees
District 1 (Lenox)
District 1 – Normal operations.
·         0     Pieces of hired equipment.
·         2     Pieces of MassDOT equipment.
·         6     MassDOT employees
District 2 (Northampton)
District 2 - Reporting cloudy. Roadways are dry. The district is patrolling roadways.
·         2     Pieces of hired equipment.
·         4    Pieces of MassDOT equipment.
·         59   MassDOT employees
District 3 (Worcester)
District 3 - Reporting cloudy and light snow. Roadways are dry, wet and icy. The district is patrolling and chemically treating roadways.
·         30   Pieces of hired equipment.
·         2    Pieces of MassDOT equipment.
·         25   MassDOT employees
District 4 (Arlington)
District 4 - Reporting partly cloudy and cloudy. Roadways are dry and wet. The district is cleaning off roadways.
·         32   Pieces of hired equipment.
·         1    Pieces of MassDOT equipment.
·         15   MassDOT employees
District 5 (Taunton)
District 5 - Reporting cloudy. Roadways are dry and wet. The district is patrolling, pre-treating and chemically treating roadways.
·         50   Pieces of hired equipment.
·         4    Pieces of MassDOT equipment.
·         53   MassDOT employees
District 6 (Boston)
District 6 - Reporting partly cloudy and cloudy. Roadways are dry and wet. The district is patrolling, pre-treating and chemically treating roadways.
·         84   Pieces of hired equipment.
·         44   Pieces of MassDOT equipment.
·         102  MassDOT employees

General Conditions and Impacts
As efforts continue to recover from weeks of severe winter weather, the MBTA is announcing it will provide a limited schedule of rail and bus service Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

Please note that parking in MBTA garages will continue to be permitted, but availability may be limited. Lynn, Beverly, Salem, and Wonderland Garages will continue to have low availability. Additional parking availability information can be found here. Illegally parked vehicles in garages that are found to be blocking pedestrian access ways and/or traffic lanes will be subject to towing. Passengers are encouraged to park in garages only when leaving their vehicle on the premises overnight.

MBTA passengers may also park in available Massport parking at Suffolk Downs Station and board Massport employee shuttles either to Airport terminals or to the Blue Line Airport Station.

Service Conditions
 Blue Line
·         The Blue Line is serving all stations between Wonderland and Bowdoin. Trains will depart/arrive every seven to eight minutes.
 Orange Line
·         Orange Line service will be available from Sullivan to Back Bay Stations with limited substitute bus service from Oak Grove to Sullivan Stations and from Back Bay to Forest Hills Stations. Trains between Sullivan and Back Bay are scheduled to arrive/depart every 12 minutes. Limited bus replacement service will be available between Oak Grove and Sullivan and between Forest Hills and Back Bay.
 Red Line
·         Service will available on the Red Line from Alewife to Andrew Stations with limited substitute bus service on the Ashmont and Braintree branches. Trains between Alewife and Andrew are scheduled to arrive/depart about every six to seven minutes. Limited bus replacement service will be available between Braintree and Andrew and between Ashmont and Andrew.
·         Service remains suspended on the Mattapan Trolley Line. A limited bus replacement service will be available.
 Green Line
·         Green Line service will operate between Kenmore and Lechmere Stations with limited trolley service operating in both directions on the D branch. Trains between North Station and Kenmore will depart/arrive every five to six minutes.
·         Along the B branch, Route 57 buses will make stops between Packards Corner and Kenmore Stations. There will be no bus service between Packards Corner and Boston College.
·         Along the C branch, limited shuttle bus service will be available between Cleveland Circle and Kenmore.
·         Along the E branch, Route 39 buses will make stops between Northeastern and Heath St. Stations.
 Silver LineSilver Line will operate on a weekday schedule with delays due to traffic and road conditions.
 BusBuses will operate on a weekday schedule with delays due to traffic and road conditions.
Commuter RailAll Commuter Rail lines will operate on a modified weekday schedule on Tuesday, February 17.
Commuter BoatHingham and Hull service canceled due to ice in harbor.
▬ The RIDEThe RIDE will operate on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 but service will certainly be affected by road conditions and access to residences
All OtherNo impacts reported
AmtrakNo impacts reported
Logan ExpressNo impacts reported
Steamship AuthorityNo impacts reported

Boston Logan Int’l AirportBostonNo impacts reported
Hanscom FieldBedfordNo impacts reported
Worcester Regional AirportWorcesterNo impacts reported
Conley TerminalBostonNo impacts reported
Cruiseport BostonBostonNo impacts reported


Significant Issues

Day Blvd Open:
·         Day Blvd was open to traffic at 4:00 AM, Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

DCR Request to MEMA for Contracted Assistance:
·         DCR requested MEMA’s assistance with securing heavy equipment from the State Staging Area. All requests have been fulfilled and equipment is arriving this morning, Tuesday, February 17, 2015:
o    (2) highway snow blowers  - one (1) to Cambridge Depot, one (1) to Nahant, eta between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM.
o    (5) type III or larger wheel loader backhoe to Cambridge Depot.
o    (5) type III or larger dump truck 5-8 yard capacity to Cambridge Depot
Already deployed
o    (1) Bobcat with Snowblower and (1) Bobcat with Bucket clearing snow on the Reid Overpass.
o    (1) Bobcat with Snowblower clearing snow along the Mass Ave underpass.
o    (1) Bobcat with Snowblower clearing snow from the Memorial Dr. Viaduct. 

·         MassParks and MassDOT Depots are still low in salt.
·         Eastern Salt will be opened until 9:00 PM, Tuesday, February 17, 2015. 
·         DCR has contracted trucks to make deliveries until Eastern Salt closes tonight, Tuesday, February 17, 2015 in an effort to get as much salt to DCR salt locations as possible.
·         Eastern Salt is still dealing with delays due to high volume of trucks from local communities picking up their own salt orders. EPRC was in communication with MassDOT Depot Staff in attempts to find a solution to this issue.  DCR and MassDOT share salt bins in Stoneham, Nahant and Blue Hills.
·         Current DCR Depot Salt Totals as of 10:30 PM, Tuesday, February 17, 2015 (Salt Bin Max Capacity is between 600-800 tons. Nantasket max is 30):
·         Cambridge   300 tons
·         Neponset    75 tons
·         Stony Brook 100 tons
·         Stoneham    50 tons
·         Revere      250 tons
·         Blue Hills  120 tons
·         Nanant DCR  20 tons *Deliveries en route
·         Nahant DOT  50 tons
·         Nantasket    0 ton * Delivery is en route.

Skating Rinks/Pools/Sports Complex:
·         The following rinks will re-open in accordance with posted February Vacation Schedules. Please note Charlestown Rink is still closed until further notice:
o    Steriti Rink, North End
o    Murphy Rink, South Boston
o    Melnea A. Cass Complex
·         Badjko in Hyde Park, Reilly Rink in Cleveland Circle, Connell in Weymouth, Devine Rink in Dorchester and Kelly Rink in Jamaica Plain will be open normal operating hours as of 10:00 AM February 17, 2015.  
·         DCR is presently working on Charlestown Rink clearing snow from the sides of the rink clearing the rink roof of snow.

Cass Complex Arena:
·         Cass is open today, Tuesday, February 17, 2015 for the Score4More, Inc.'s February School Vacation Camp and other scheduled programs.  

Severe Frost Heave Memorial Drive:
·         DCR Engineering has assessed the issue at Memorial Drive and Endicott , and are working on resolving it.  


The locations for which DCR has responsibility have been prioritized with public safety as the first priority.  During the storm, the following locations are our priorities.

·         Primary DCR roadways and parkways
·         Traffic bridges
·         Potential flood zones
·         State police barracks
·         Safe passage to school when school is in session.
·         Campgrounds

·         All DCR Depots are currently addressing snow and ice conditions on the regular tour of duty today, Tuesday, February 17, 2015. 

Update by Region
Cambridge Depot
·         Reid Overpass (Memorial Drive, Cambridge) outbound is currently closed for snow removal.  Traffic is being detoured underneath the overpass.  One (1) lane is open along Mass Ave Underpass for snow removal. Currently removing snow to clear parking spots along Memorial Drive Outbound between Wadsworth and Mass Ave.  No traffic impact. 

o    Carved back snow banks on all of Memorial Drive, Mass Ave bridge, BU bridge overnight.
o    Continued snow removal on Bowker and service roads for Park Drive and Fenway.
o    Snow removal at Steriti Rink continued in preparation for roofing contractor and to expose emergency egresses that were blocked.
o    Ped routes cleared at North Point Park, City Square, Paul Revere Park, Nashua St, Esplanade cleared from Leverett Circle to Hatch Shell, Gilmore Bridge, Land Blvd from Museum of Science to Sonesta Hotel, sidewalks cleared from BB+N school to Lower Basin parks, Boylston to Fenway school sidewalks are clear.
o    Alewife pedestrian bridge cleared.
o    Cold is major problem without indoor facility for equipment. Problem with freezing-no place to thaw anything out.
o    Diesel pumps also affected by cold.

Neponset Depot
o    Widening roads on all of Morrissey and South Boston Roads
o    Most parking lots cleared including Quincy lots, Pope John Paul II Park, Neponset Park, Murphy Rink, McCormack Bathhouse
o    Sidewalks cleared on Day and Morrissey Blvd, Quincy Shore Drive and Neponset Bridge.
o    809K Bombadier down– tracks are off

Stonybrook Depot
o    Readville route is clear.
o    Pacific Rim Sidewalks have been cleared.
o    Chesterfield to Waterloo on School sidewalks are clear.
o    Snow pushed back on West Roxbury Parkway overnight.

                Nahant Depot
o    Snow removal from the Causeway and Lynnway yesterday evening.  The highway snow blower did an excellent job clearing snow from both lanes of the Causeway.
o    Lynnway cleared from Pleasant Street to just shy of Commercial Street (expecting four trucks, only two were working and one had hydraulic problem and was out for half the evening)
o    Green Acres cleared the sidewalks in same area we cleared snow on the Lynn Way.
o    Snow removal planned tonight from Johnny's Market to the College, starting at 10:00 PM. No parking signs have been posted 48 hrs prior to removal.

      Revere Depot
o    Receiving salt deliveries this morning.

      Stoneham Depot
o    Snow removed on Woodland Road sidewalks from Stone Zoo to Flynn Rink by DOT & DCR.
o    Snow removed and sidewalk clearing along Elm Street.
o    Receiving salt deliveries this morning.

      Blue Hills Depot plowing operations
o    Truman Parkway is complete.
o    Blue Hill Parkway is complete.
o    Brush Hill is complete.
o    Mattapan Square is complete.
o    Neponset Regional is complete.

      Nantasket Depot
o    All roads, sidewalks and parking lots are open.
o    Wampatuck State Park roads, lots and visitor center are clear.
o    Connell Rink is clear.
      Myles Standish Depot
o    All roads are clear.
o    Ellisville at Scussett Beach is now open.
·         There are no DOC crews scheduled at this time, they are all assisting MBTA.

State House Snow Removal:
·         State House Snow Removal is scheduled for 8:00 PM Wednesday, February 18, 2015. 

Due to the extraordinary weather experienced by the Commonwealth in the past several weeks, municipalities throughout the Commonwealth are facing significant challenges in their efforts to clear, remove and dispose of historic accumulations of snow. MassDEP recognizes that cities and towns may need to undertake emergency measures to ensure protection of public safety.

As communities proceed with necessary emergency snow disposal, it is recommended you use the best management guidelines included in MassDEP's Emergency Disposal Guidance (http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/massdep/water/regulations/snow-disposal-guidance.html), including:

·         Dispose of snow in open water with adequate flow and mixing to prevent ice dams from forming.
·         Do not dispose of snow in saltmarshes, vegetated wetlands, certified vernal pools, shellfish beds, mudflats, drinking water reservoirs and their tributaries, Zone IIs or IWPAs of public water supply wells, Outstanding Resource Waters, or Areas of Critical Environmental Concern.
·         Do not dispose of snow where trucks may cause shoreline damage or erosion.
·         Consult with the municipal Conservation Commission to ensure that snow disposal in open water complies with local ordinances and bylaws.

Communities that intend to dispose of snow in open water as outlined above must provide advance notification to DEP by calling (888) 304-1133. Communities must also consult with their Conservation Commission prior to disposing of snow in open water.


·         Safety and preparedness tips for severe winter weather may be found on MEMA’s website at: http://www.mass.gov/eopss/agencies/mema/ready-massachusetts/winter-storms.html
 ·         For additional information and updated forecasts, see www.weather.gov/boston (National Weather Service Taunton) and www.weather.gov/albany (National Weather Service Albany)
·         Utilize Massachusetts Alerts to receive emergency notifications and information from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service.  Massachusetts Alerts is a free app that is available for Android and iPhones. To learn more about Massachusetts Alerts, and for information on how to download the free app onto your smartphone, visit: www.mass.gov/mema/mobileapp.
·         Utilize MEMA’s real-time power outage viewer to stay informed about current power outages in your community and region, and across the state, including information from utility companies about restoration times: http://mema.mapsonline.net/public.html
·         Heavy Snow on Roofs: Large amounts of heavy snow on roofs may lead to structural weaknesses or collapses in some cases.  Safety and preparedness tips for dealing with snow on roofs may be found on MEMA’s website at: http://www.mass.gov/eopss/agencies/mema/ready-massachusetts/roof-collapse-and-storm-dain-safety-information.html

Online Resources:

For additional information and resources, visit:
·         Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency at www.mass.gov/mema
·         MEMA's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MassachusettsEMA
·         MEMA Twitter: @MassEMA
·         Federal Emergency Management Agency at www.fema.gov
·         National Weather Service/Taunton at www.weather.gov/boston
·         National Weather Service/Albany, NY at www.weather.gov/albany
·         National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center: http://www.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov/
·         National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center:  http://www.spc.noaa.gov/
·         Northeast River Forecast Center: http://www.weather.gov/nerfc/
·         Mass211 at www.mass211.org

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